Idea Submission

Any member of the campus community or the Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative can submit an idea for a new feature or an improvement to the Rokwire platform or the Illinois app.

We conduct interviews with individual users and small groups to understand how they interact with the app, what could be improved, and what new features they’d like to see. We also regularly consult with academic leaders to gather their insights on what could enhance the app’s utility. We hold monthly meetings with the Wellness Committee, a group of professionals from various campus units who focus on health and wellness. And members of the Technology Services Help Desk serve as a valuable conduit for relaying user feature requests.

Initial Screening

At least monthly, submissions are reviewed for basic feasibility and alignment with the Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative strategic goals. Ideas that don’t meet basic criteria are set aside, with feedback given to the submitter when possible.

Technical, Privacy, and Resource Screening

Ideas that pass the initial screening are further evaluated for technical feasibility, resource allocation, privacy and security standards, and potential return on investment. Features or improvements that are approved are presented to the Illinois App Steering Committee for consideration.

Illinois App Steering Committee Review

The committee reviews feature and improvement suggestions to ensure that they align with university policies, ethical guidelines, and strategic priorities. Suggestions that are approved are passed on to the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Review

The committee reviews the shortlisted ideas and, considering its charge, makes recommendations regarding each proposed feature or improvement.


The Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative team schedules all the steps necessary to create the feature or improvement. Progress is tracked and regularly communicated to the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee.

Postimplementation Review

After the feature or improvement has been in use for a reasonable period, it is reviewed to assess effectiveness and impact. This effort is led by the Design and Research team within the Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative and may result in another set of suggestions regarding new features or improvements.