Leadership / Staff #2

We will use the AWSM Team plugin on this page.


Below are steps for adding people, and assigning them to different teams.

Adding Members

The people on a team are added one at a time as members. To add a new person, follow these steps.

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to the AWSM Team section in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Members
  3. Click “Add New Member”
  4. Populate the textual fields as follows:
    • Add Title: The person’s name
    • Type / to choose block: Insert a paragraph with a description of the person’s role. Optional. We may not display this information anywhere yet.
  5. Populate Member Details.
    • Designation: Title in the organization (e.g., Wm Sullivan is “Director”)
    • Short Description: Leave Blank or describe affiliation. (e.g., Wm Sullivan is “Professor of Landscape Architecture”)
    • Links: Add email, website, and social media as appropriate. It’s OK to leave blank. (e.g., website can be a faculty page, social media can be a LinkedIn page)
  6. Add Photo.
    1. Click the Gear icon in the top toolbar.
    2. Select Post
    3. Select Featured image and choose the person’s photo in the Media library. (You can upload a photo to the media library in this step as well.)
    4. Choose Set featured image to save.
  7. Choose “Save Draft”, “Update” or “Publish” to save your changes to the Team Member entry.

Your entry for this person is now ready to be added to a team.

Adding Teams

Members can be added to one or more teams. Team rosters are displayed in a web page by inserting the shortcode for the particular team.

To create a team, follow these steps.

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to the AWSM Team section in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Teams.
  3. Click “Add Team”
  4. Populate the fields as follows:
    • Add Title: The name of the team. E.g., Staff.
    • Select Members from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose Preset to pick a layout for the roster. E.g., Cards (See plugin’s demo for examples of layouts. However, for this website, we will use Cards, at least as the first try.)
  6. Chose a Style for the layout. E.g., Style 3; 3 Column
    Note: We will use Cards, Style-3, 3-column style.
  7. Click Publish to save the Team.

You are now ready to put the team in a web page by using the shortcode for this team.

Putting the teams in a web page

Create a people page, then copy and insert the short code for a particular team.


Below is the team for “Leadership” inserted as a shortcode. It currently has only one member: William Sullivan.

William C. Sullivan


Affiliation: Professor of Landscape Architecture

John Paul

Chief Instigator

Affiliation: Clinical Professor for Innovation, Leadership, & Engineering Entrepreneurship, Grainger College of Engineering

Kathryn Courtney

Associate Director, Business Innovation Strategy

Liaison to Student Affairs

Mel Fenner

Associate Director, Health Technology Innovation

Affiliation: Liaison to McKinley Health Center

Vanessa Burgett

Design & Research Product Lead

Affiliations: Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative; Siebel Center for Design

Joe Grohens

Communications Director

Affiliation: Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative

Todd Nelson

Project Manager