Our Values

We Do No Harm

We prioritize the safety and privacy of our users. Our technology is designed with privacy and security as foundational principles. We actively guard against biases and ensure that our algorithms are equitable across gender, race, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We Are Daring

Innovation is in our DNA. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo or tackle hard problems. Our daring spirit enables us to explore new frontiers in technology and social impact.

We Use Data for Social Good

Our approach to data is altruistic. We employ data analytics and artificial intelligence to enable scientific discovery, support health and wellness, and promote social equity.

We Put People at the Center

Our technology is designed with a people-first approach. We strive to create intuitive, user-friendly tools that cater to a diverse range of abilities and cultural backgrounds.

We Seek Strength through Diversity

We believe that diverse perspectives enrich our work. Our team is inclusive, our technology is designed to serve a diverse user base, and we tackle challenges through a multidisciplinary approach.

We Exercise Respect toward Others

Respect is a cornerstone of our organizational culture. We value open dialogue, active listening, and cooperative problem-solving in all our interactions.