William C. Sullivan


Affiliation: Professor of Landscape Architecture

John Paul

Chief Instigator

Affiliation: Clinical Professor for Innovation, Leadership, & Engineering Entrepreneurship, Grainger College of Engineering

Kathryn Courtney

Associate Director, Business Innovation Strategy

Liaison to Student Affairs

Mel Fenner

Associate Director, Health Technology Innovation

Affiliation: Liaison to McKinley Health Center

Vanessa Burgett

Design & Research Product Lead

Affiliations: Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative; Siebel Center for Design

Joe Grohens

Communications Director

Affiliation: Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative

Todd Nelson

Project Manager

Strategic Advisors

William Bernhard

Senior Advisor

Affiliation: Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost Designate

Rachel Switzky

Director of the Siebel Center for Design, Illinois App Steering Committee

Affiliation: Siebel Center for Design

Brent Roberts

Chief Science Officer

Affiliation: Professor of Psychology

Sanjay Patel

Senior Technology Advisor

Affiliation: Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mairead Martin

Chief Information Officer

Affiliation: Technology Services

Brian Farber

Chair, Illinois App Steering Committee, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Affiliations: Student Affairs

James Quisenberry

Director of Student Affairs Technology

Affiliation: Student Affairs

Tracy Smith

Deputy CIO for Innovation, Technology, and Strategy, Illinois App Steering Committee

Affiliation: Technology Services

Awais Vaid

Director of McKinley Health Center

Affiliation: McKinley Health Center


Nick Vance

Manager of Data and Technology Innovation, Illinois App Steering Committee

Affiliation: Technology Services

Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan

Technical Lead (Platform Development)

Affiliation: Senior Research Programmer, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Mary Stevens

Senior Architect

Affiliation: Senior Technology Architect, Technology Services