Illinois App

The flagship project that supports more than 50,000 students, faculty, and staff.


  • Dining menus and schedules
  • Wellness resources
  • Maps
  • ID and bus pass
  • Course information
  • Events


The Rokwire open source platform—free to all under an Apache 2.0 software license—serves as a catalyst for innovation across a wide range of fields, from scientific research to student success.


  • Enables integration of multiple data streams and systems
  • Employs human-centered design
  • Allows for external integration partners
  • Provides a test bed for smart technologies
  • Serves as a catalyst for innovation
  • Offers a privacy-preserving data architecture

Safer Illinois

The Safer Illinois app supported the University of Illinois’ COVID-19 mitigation program.


  • Coordinated virus testing
  • Delivered test results
  • Displayed building access status pass
  • Provided community health recommendations
  • Provided proximity-based exposure notifications


Campus Connections

  • Recruitment processes with the Institutional Review Board
  • Advising appointments for the Grainger College of Engineering
  • Educational resources for Carle Illinois College of Medicine
  • Digital tools for SHIELD to support COVID-19 measures

External Research Support

  • NSF Smart Connected Communities planning grant for community youth development and mentoring
  • US Department of Justice grant to build tools into the Illinois app that support members of campus who have experienced intimate partner violence
  • App for Professor Neal Cohen and his colleagues in support of their research on traumatic brain injury
  • App in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic for patients diagnosed with fatty liver disease
  • Tool with support from the Personalized Nutrition Initiative to predict when a person is eating a meal